About Emperor

Emperor is a software platform created as a passion project by Bart Teunis and Ben Curry.

Its purpose is twofold. Firstly, to simplify the registration of exhibitors at model shows allowing them a simple interface to administer their details and that of their exhibits.

Secondly, to provide a flexible software interface through which judges can spend more time judging and less time doing paperwork, it’ll also provide an award ceremony presentation!

Originally proven at the Eindhoven 2022 World Model Expo the software has since gathered a lot of interest from show organisers wanting to minimise the headache of people management and paper pushing which traditional show formats use.

The software is provided as SaaS (Software as a service) which means you ‘rent’ the software for a predetermined time, usually from a pre-registration date until after the show.

Bart and I take care of the provisioning of the platform allowing you to take care of the other important show tasks.

The platform can be tailored with your own show branding to ensure a consistent feel for visitors.

As regular attendees to model shows ourselves Bart and I are growing this to be useful to the community for the foreseeable future.

Both Bart and I have many decades of combined IT experience in various fields so we are well positioned to support this alongside our regular day jobs 😊

For information or questions please feel free to reach out to us on contact@myemperor.app

Bart And Ben